Bunch Marketing Solutions, originally known as the Bunch Management Solutions, is a global sport, other events and talent management company headquartered in New York City. MEGGA (500+ one) World International is the event company of Bunch Marketing Solutions. We will represent individuals, groups and corporations who has the potential to generate large incomes from performances and appearances to endorsement in the television rights to patent and copyrights industries and agree to represent, manage and market their endowment. which had multiple business units with services ranging from public speaking to concert performances, sports marketing and broadcasting to the management of associations and non-profit organizations. Bunch Marketing Solutions will distributes content material —originating from more than 200 clients and events—to major global broadcasters annually, across all forms of media including TV, audio, fixed media, inflight and closed circuit, broadband and mobile. Bunch Marketing Solutions will be a global leader in the performance industries to sports, events, media and fashion, operating in several countries. The company will represent and manages some of the world’s greatest individuals in the sports and fashion industries; staging hundreds of live events and branded entertainment experiences annually; and will be one of the largest producers and distributors of broadcast media. Bunch Marketing Solutions also specializes in training; development; and marketing, media and licensing for brands, sports organizations and institutions. Bunch Marketing Solutions competitive spirit and dedication to excellence are the trademarks of the way we approach business. Bunch Marketing Solutions attracts and retains the best people by offering competitive pay and benefits in an entrepreneurial environment that promotes having fun. Following the belief that we are only as strong as the individuals we employ, we are driven to keep our workforce satisfied by providing competitive benefits and a positive work environment that embraces Bunch Marketing Solutions mission and core values. Bunch Marketing Solutions is a global company comprised of many smaller businesses across writers, sports, entertainment and media. Our diversity enables our employees to broaden their skill set, discover new industries, and gain access to abundant career options across many specialties, in many countries including: sales, law, marketing, client and event management, licensing, television production, graphic design, multi-media and website development, corporate tax, corporate finance, promotions, account management, administrative support and customer service.