Bunch Marketing Solutions proposes to do the EVENT ORIGINATION, PLANNING & PROMOTION of the said client on the referenced subject of appearances, in the form of performances. *In this case Bunch Marketing Solutions covenants to research, obtain and provide all the necessary permits, paperwork, supervision and labor necessary to do the said work. Bunch Marketing Solutions is to advise, counsel and assist the client in the business matters as set forth in this Agreement. As a courtesy to client, Bunch Marketing Solutions will also assist the client in obtaining real life-related services upon request. Agent, serving in a fiduciary capacity, will act in such a manner as to protect the best interests of Client and assure effective event origination, planning, promotion and representation for the Client in all aspects of the relationship, including, but not limited to individual contract negotiations with professional performances and other services provided under this Agreement. Agent shall be the representative with respect to the negotiation, execution, and enforcement of guest appearances as well as the licensing and/or endorsement contracts and the like. However, Agent shall not have the authority to bind or commit any performer and or the client to enter into any contract without the actual execution thereof by the respective client. Bunch Marketing Solutions as a promoter will develop and engage in all Publicity and Promotions and as OUR PROMOTER, Bunch Marketing Solutions will negotiate all contracts (negotiation includes approvals; finalization and settlement of pre-arrange engagements by you or any other parties) and linking WEBSITES/ PROMOTIONAL PHOTOS. As an agency responsible for PROMOTION & PUBLICITY, we will employ all possible media companies such as newspapers, magazines, periodicals, radio, television, ethnic news agencies, radicals, and underground or seed-form movement. FLYERS- by having them posted in permissible areas and road signs and PRE-ARRANGED – Interviews/promotions (promotions for traveling to a city) then booking Arrangements with -Radio Stations, Local groups and television Stations. In self-production or promotion, it is important that in signing deals either for future production or distribution always seek to sign a deal that have manufacturing, marketing, distribution and promotion offered as a general package deal. In signing deals with distributors, we work with small and national distributors. Bunch Marketing Solutions exercises its responsibility on the marketing of the product and the promotion of the individual. The product is marketed according to its growth stage using a number of vehicles to coordinating various integrated communication and marketing activities. We interfaced with counterparts and build up relationships with them at marketing suppliers. As we are supervising the production or implementation of marketing materials and executing a wide variety of details that involve direct mail, email broadcast campaigns, outbound calls, marketing trade shows and events, public relations, customer communications, media advertisements, promotions, and other marketing plans. With our supporting channel collaborates with collateral, sales training and best practices, some of us are attending tradeshows, company sponsored promotions and events, city tours. The small distributors have a limited potential to national exposures but have notoriety, in that it knows its market. It knows where to place product, it has knowledge of regional market which includes “regional chains of retail stores” and “Mom and Pop stores”. It generally has strong regional SALES. It generally has a better saturation of small markets; it has a family atmosphere and their involvement in the promotion process. Small distributors help to preserve the corporation’s independence. We have the regional wholesalers and national distributors. Oftentimes large producers have their own distribution system. This is our aim as we grow, it increases employment and revenues. Overall, it is still suggestive that a portion of distribution be jobbed out. But national distributors have a few disadvantages in that, they are ignorant of ‘regional chains of retail outlet’ and ‘Mom and Pop stores’. Nevertheless, they have fatter pockets and national exposures, in distribution and marketing. They provide radio play (interviews and reviews) and pull on Media as well. In fact, national, regional and smaller distributors along with ‘regional chains of retail outlet’ and ‘Mom and Pop stores’ owns or is owned by media corporations. They have national reputation and can put up the sales, but often they absorb independence through popularity and notoriety as they sign deals on volume. The Economic principle here is for us to choose where we stand, are we sower or eater, or we investor or consumer. We cannot effectively change or influence it to change until we understand the blended mix is to make us of services provided by small and large distributors. We must also protect our economic gates.