The center handles all order fulfillment shipping/delivery through Rakuten with their product fulfillment with good content management so that we can update all deals regularly and easily. Rakuten Super Logistics (RSL), formerly Webgistix, operates industry leading fulfillment warehouse facilities in New York, Las Vegas, Atlanta, Reno, Scranton and Austin with operations designed specifically to ensure fast and accurate inventory receiving, order fulfillment, and returns processing for B2C shipments as well as B2B shipments for clients requiring both. The fulfillment warehouse management systems, SmartFill software and processes have been developed specifically for order fulfillment since the company was founded in 2001. Safety training and procedures are of paramount importance and RSL conducts regularly scheduled employee safety training and inspections. Security systems and processes are in place for every facility with employee guidelines in place to ensure the safety and security of all employees and client inventory. Redundant Internet connections are in place in all facilities to ensure 100% uptime and order processing.