Call Center

Our Call-Center Sales Station is strictly employee-driven requiring login credentials featuring e-mail addresses for each worker, worker profile and accounts. It will feature contact information addresses for each worker/client/customer. Our Call-Center function as a Daily Call-Center and Service Center while function as an ERP/CRM site. The center handles all shipping/delivery with product fulfillment with good content management so that we can update all deals regularly and easily.

Our Cloud-based Call Center Software engages our business by gaining customer loyalty with a world class customer contact center. Then we personalize our Customer Engagements for our clients. Our complete solution has our inbound and outbound customer interactions and multi-channel support that provide a seamless experience to our customers, regardless of the channel they choose to communicate. Our staff get inbound and outbound customer calls by setting up a cloud based call center and inbound tickets that is addressed via any channel – email, web, social, phone or chat. Our Customer Engagement provide contextual customer information to empower our agents to determine the best course of action. We automatically display customer interaction history and activity including emails, chats & tickets and display priority of each ticket to take a better decision on resolving issues. Cloud-based Call Center is designed with Ease of Use that provide our end users with an absolute ease of support by leveraging on simple implementation and integration framework and simple scale up of the system when demand arises and will easily integrate with all our business applications like Salesforce and Microsoft CRM Dynamic to render a better customer experience.